Automate Collections to Boost Collection Rates and Reduce Accounts Receivable (AR) Labor

Netsmart AlphaCollector™

Since joining the Netsmart family in 2022, Gaffey Healthcare brings AlphaCollector™, a leading collections management automation solution, that leverages robotic process automation (RPA) to ensure the right collector touches the right claim at the right time. Using specific, prioritized worklists, AlphaCollector streamlines follow up activities to ensure complete collection. Workflow is optimized as the solution pushes work to each collector based on their skill set and business priorities. Your team has the flexibility to respond quickly to changing demands in the revenue cycle and every action is recorded making it easy to manage productivity and quality for each associate. The result is a flexible, automated collection operation that drives more cash without increasing costs.


  • Accelerates cash collections
  • Reduces denial write off rates
  • Improves the overall efficiency of your revenue cycle team—no claim gets left behind
  • Highly scalable, saving time and money in acquisition or EHR uplift scenarios



Automates claim status retrieval to ensure collectors touch the right claim at the right time
Leverages EDI data to drive denial follow-up and timely filing warnings for claim submission and appeal deadlines
Provides transparency for one-to-many AR streams from diverse EHRs and/or clearinghouses

Automated collections provide you with the visibility needed to reduce AR with your current collection team

  • Monitors collector performance with detailed productivity and quality assurance reporting whether in-house or remote
  • Flexible interface for maximum configuration to fit your specific business environment

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