Industry-leading software that simplifies intake, clinical documentation, scheduling and billing


Our hospice software helps you do more with fewer resources. We understand the ever-evolving regulatory and payment requirements continue to stretch your organization and take focus away from the individuals in your care.

Successful hospice organizations must prove their value as a referral partner and know that it takes more than a basic electronic health record (EHR) to survive and thrive. You need a fully-integrated technology platform that supports coordinated care, analytics to measure and prove outcomes, and integrates and automates referrals.

Step into integration with the rest of healthcare and empower your agency to make fully-informed care decisions. With Netsmart, your team can easily support IPU management, scheduling conflicts, multi-care team clinical processes and more, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your patients.

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NETSMART AWARDS  | Netsmart earns multiple recognition across end of life care associations

Netsmart earns multiple top Black Book award across healthcare settings including #1 Client Satisfaction and #1 Care Coordination Solutions

*Black Book. (2019)

National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) members selected Netsmart as the #1 healthcare IT palliative care provider in 2018.

*NHPCO Palliative Care Needs Survey Results. (2018)

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For Hospice


An integration engine that empowers organizations to connect with providers across all care settings.

  • Provides one point of access to connect to the larger healthcare ecosystem
  • Reduces costs and improves safety by minimizing redundant or unnecessary treatment during transitions of care
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KPI Dashboards™

Flexible, interactive data visualizations to help you gauge and quantify your organization’s success.

  • User-friendly drag-and-drop interfaces create flexible, interactive data visualizations
  • Simplifies data discover and gets you answers faster
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myUnity® Palliative Care

Palliative care software customized for care providers serving individuals in private homes, nursing facilities, hospitals, clinics, assisted living and other independent living facilities.

  • Made with the unique needs of palliative care in mind
  • Cloud-based design works with any EHR
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Referral Manager

Referral Manager connects organizations with referring sources electronically, to automate and integrate the acceptance or rejection process.

  • Quickly and effectively communicate with referral partners
  • Integration with electronic health record simplifies the admission process
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“Netsmart was clear choice when it came time to make a decision to roll out an enterprise wide technology platform.Their ability to scale with our planned growth, proven connectivity and expertise in regulatory requirements will empower our staff to access information that can impact care outcomes and give us the ability to easily report results that will impact our bottom line.”
Kent Anderson - CEO, Ohio's Hospice

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