Automatically monitor the health and performance of your EHR 


Guardiant is a dynamic electronic health record (EHR) monitoring solution that offers insight into the overall health and performance of your Netsmart system. It automatically captures a variety of solution utilization, user activity and application configuration details to manage and optimize your EHR. 

From real-time analytics to user experience benchmarking, Guardiant is a healthcare IT management solution that allows you to better understand and use your EHR in a meaningful way. Collecting and analyzing system information is essential to ensuring you get the most out of your technology to better support those you serve.



Key benefits

  • On-demand access to the health and performance of your Netsmart EHR
  • Insights that show how your EHR is responding to your users

Key features

  • Cloud-based solution with no server requirements
  • Real-time and historical clinical, financial and technical operation metrics
  • Pinpoint user activity to better troubleshoot issues

For Guardiant

Electronic Health Records

Our electronic health records (EHRs) offer workflows and functionality designed to meet the unique needs of the care communities you serve. Because they are purpose-built for human services and post-acute care providers, our EHRs make it easy for clinical, administrative and financial teams to access the information they need. 

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