Seamlessly manage clinical, operational and financial workflows in home health 

Homecare Advisor

Backed by three decades of experience, the Homecare Advisor solution suite helps you build the relationships needed to drive tangible outcomes and achieve success. Homecare Advisor delivers streamlined intake, scheduling, financial and clinical staff tasks, while improving documentation compliance and shortening revenue cycles for home health organizations. This electronic health record (EHR) provides clinical decision support along with workflows that drive operational success. Referrals, intake and assessment documentation are streamlined while point-of-care clinician support allows providers to make informed care decisions, keeping patients at home and out of higher acuity settings. 

We are committed to helping you use IT strategically to enable better business and better connectivity to deliver quality care for the individuals you serve.


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Key benefits

  • Efficient flow of patient information
  • Stronger, more accurate, and consistent documentation
  • Improved collaboration across the care team
  • Reduced resource demand for auditing and review processes
  • Improved clinical intelligence and workflow support for clinicians

Key features

  • Global view of patient needs and available resources
  • Role-based homepage that alerts and visual cues for work in progress by role
  • A true interdisciplinary care plan that automatically generates required orders and medical plan of treatment
  • Powerful edits and warnings that eliminate the need for pre-billing audits
  • Key measurements for informed operational, clinical and all business decision-making


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“Since joining the Netsmart family when our home care solution was acquired, we’ve seen a dramatic improvement in enhanced features and functionality along with a client experience model that makes me feel more connected and aligned."
David Lafferty - EVP and CIO, Tidewell Hospice.

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