Enhance consumer-driven care with technology that increases engagement and boosts satisfaction

Consumer Engagement

The Netsmart consumer engagement solution uses a user-friendly, secure web and app-based solution to connect individuals to their treatment. It supports consumer-driven care by seamlessly integrating with Netsmart CareRecords™ and supporting secure interaction among consumers, clinicians and care providers.

Consumers can access their health information, schedule appointments, receive appointment reminders, request prescription refills and get reminders when medications are about to run out. Clinicians and care providers gain a comprehensive view of consumer-reported information and a longitudinal view of needs over time that enable proactive clinical decisions and better outcomes.

Our consumer engagement solution is a comprehensive communication tools that reduces confusion and missed phone calls, increases appointment attendance and improves responsiveness to individuals’ needs, resulting in higher levels of consumer satisfaction.

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myHealthPointe™ Consumer Portal

Supporting consumer-driven care

  • Provide quick, convenient and secure messaging that drives improved responsiveness to an individual’s needs
  • Illustrates consumer’s health and behavior outcomes over time with a longitudinal view of their health and wellness
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Strengths based recovery

  • Tracks social determinants of health and key environmental factors that correspond to recovery
  • Works as a standalone web application for any organization or agency nationwide
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Removing barriers to care

  • Removes geographic barriers that can prevent individuals from receiving appropriate treatment
  • Increases provider coverage area by allowing care to be given and received anywhere
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