Rapid reimbursement with electronic claims management and eligibility verification


With RevConnect Clearinghouse, you can manage your electronic claims and increase your clean claim submission rate with one easy-to-use tool. RevConnect claims management provides the ability to reconcile submitted claims with payer responses and electronic remittances, providing complete transparency into the claim reimbursement and reconciliation process. 

Beyond providing a centralized location for electronic claims management, you can also verify eligibility requirements for the services you provide. With more than 1,000 payer connections established, you can verify the care you provide will be covered prior to service.


Electronic claims management made simple

Submit cleaner claims, perform real-time edits, verify eligibility and more.


Key benefits

  • Increased clean claim submission
  • Faster claim adjudication
  • Comprehensive batch and claim reconciliation

Key features

  • Automatic claim error identification and the ability to perform real-time edits of 837/835 files
  • Reports by payer, provider or status
  • Process batch 270/271 eligibility files and single patient entry for on-demand verifications


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