Quickly mobilize your staff when they’re needed most with mobile dispatch software

As service requests come in throughout the day, administrative staff can see where providers are and route the correct person to each consumer. Care providers can reduce travel time and improve access to critical info at the point of care, reducing wait time for consumers, increasing satisfaction with service and boosting staff satisfaction with CareRouter®.

See how our mobile dispatch software can help you speed response, improve staffing efficiency and boost patient satisfaction

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Reduce response time to crisis calls and prepare responders for
trauma-informed care

When crisis calls require dispatching a mobile crisis provider, the CareRouter mobile dispatch solution eliminates the manual, time-consuming process of texting, calling and notifying multiple times to identify who is available and most appropriate for the crisis case.

Field Responders receive details about the crisis case, so they can quickly respond to trauma-informed care. Getting the right people with the right information into the field as fast as possible helps agencies meet response time requirements and may reduce the next level of crisis intervention.

Mobile dispatch software also supports delivering behavioral health services, addiction treatment, and child and family services in the home or outside clinical settings. Complete visibility into the location of personnel enhances staff security in the field and improves staffing efficiencies and ensures compliance within the field provides.

Improve response
time to crisis calls

Enhance staff security in the field

Prepare responders to crisis calls with vital information

Increase speed to care, improve patientsatisfaction and assist agencies in meeting staffing challenges

For hospice and home care providers, speed to care is essential when urgent and after-hours calls from families and patients come in. The CareRouter mobile dispatch software helps your triage staff locate appropriate available providers quickly and get them on the road, replacing time-consuming manual processes. Patient details are included with the request , so providers have the critical information they need before they arrive to tend to patient and family needs.

Mobile dispatch software allows agencies to locate the nearest available provider, reduce travel time and improve patient outcomes by engaging at appropriate times.

Increase speed to care for urgent calls

Improve family and patient satisfaction

Enhance staff security in the field

See how Ohio’s Hospice reduced travel expenses by $8,000 in the first month

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