Validate, register and issue county and state records electronically

Vital Records

Our Vital Records Solution (VRS) simplifies the entry, validation, registration and issuance of vital events records electronically at the state and county level. VRS is a scalable, web-based platform that exchanges data between federal, state and local agencies. VRS tracks events such as birth, death, marriage/dissolution and ancillary events. It includes a comprehensive accounting system that tracks and supports transactions for certificate requests. This includes the ability to have multiple certificate formats (over time) and manage the distributed printing process.




  • Helps the vital records and statistics communities (hospital, funeral homes, state and local record offices) significantly reduce the time for final certification and registration of vital records
  • Supports the quick and easy creation of new, client-specific events without customization and programming
  • Helps reduce time completing final certification and registration of vital records


  • Supports point-of-sale transactions for certificates
  • Includes a mobile application for physicians
  • Supports distributed data collection and certificate printing
  • Offers flexibility to configure certificate formats and printing options
  • Supports task-level and field-level security, as well as fax attestation

For Vital Records