Simplify coverage verification and minimize manual efforts

Eligibility Management

Consistent, accurate verification of consumer insurance coverage is critical to managing the revenue cycle. Netsmart offers solutions that simplify eligibility verification for your staff. Our clearinghouse solution includes batch verification and real-time eligibility. Our automated eligibility verification service (EVS) shows where changes and exceptions are occurring to coverage in your existing client base. Together, they simplify eligibility verification by reducing manual efforts.



Eligibility management solutions increase billing accuracy by verifying coverage for the population you serve.

  • Batch verification and real-time eligibility via clearinghouse solution
  • Exceptions reporting show coverage changes in your active client base
  • Coverage discovery identifies primary, secondary and tertiary coverage, including active government and commercial insurance coverage
  • Increases billing accuracy by submitting to the correct payer the first time
  • Quickly identifies coverage changes in your active client base
  • Helps you recover lost revenue and identify more insurance coverage

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