Home health software to streamline care across settings within a unified platform

Elevate the efficiency of your home health organization and position yourself for grown. From streamlining intake and scheduling to simplifying care plan documentation and claims processing, our home health software equips care teams with the right tools to simplify your operations, freeing up your valuable time to focus on enhancing patient outcomes.

Our home health Electronic Health Record (EHR) software fosters robust connectivity and secure data sharing, bridging gaps in patient information and helping minimize the need for manual data entry. This aids clinicians in providing timely and relevant care, as they gain near-instant access to treatment plans, patient vitals, medication records and other pertinent information on any device, right at the point of care.

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Intuitive workflows

Chart when and where needed

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Simplified care coordination

Single patient record

Streamline order management

Save time for your staff

20 %

time spent on clinical documentation*

10 %

Reduction in time
spent on scheduling*

50 %

reduction in staff
training time**

*Statistics collected by a third-party research firm and reflect typical results of current clients
**Comparing pre-myUnity training time to myUnity training time via client interviews in November 2023.

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The platform for growth

Netsmart myUnity supports agencies working to improve outcomes, measure results and integrate clinical and financial information. The integrated platform helps simplifies the management of your business operations across care settings.

  • Supports efficient care transitions
  • Helps minimize administrative burdens
  • Empowers agencies with analytics to target better outcomes
  • Provides Interoperability connections with hospitals and community partners
  • Supports delivery of person-centered care

Clinical ease of use

Equip your staff with tools and technology that supports efficient documentation and work-life balance. A streamlined approach helps nurses complete assessments during visits so they don’t have to bring work home.

  • Intuitive workflows reflect the way clinicians work
  • Easy-to-train, user-friendly software
  • Customized role-based views
  • Efficient and integrated orders management
  • Smart communication tools to enhance care coordination

Transitions of care and interoperability

myUnity provides access to patient information through its integration with Carequality and other HIEs, facilitating the import of data like CCDAs, allergies, medications, diagnoses and more. This integration also allows for streamlined transitions of care through medication reconciliation and updates during admission, helping reduce the clinician’s workload.

  • Provides access to patient information
  • Streamlines medication entry
  • Simplifies batch medication updates

Compliance Management

Built-in tools help clinicians maintain compliance with flexible movement throughout documentation that enhances their workflows. Visibility of documentation throughout the visit provides clinical oversight and collaboration with clinicians.

  • Provides clinician and team filters for supervisors
  • Reviewers can flag notes and mark statuses to reduce duplicate work
  • Clarify corrections for clinicians with quality notes to drive accurate documentation
  • Compliance with the 21st Century Cures Act EVV reporting requirements

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Integrate systems and data into one unified platform


We love the ease of the documentation and the ability to view the patient schedule. We really like being able to reduce time spent for each patient encounter so we can increase productivity and reduce overtime.

Mary Jean D., BSN, RN-BC, Director of Nursing Professional Development & Patient Experience at CGH Home Nursing


With the electronic system in place, the nurses have said goodbye to all the paper disorganization that they had been dealing with. Now, they can simply document care on their iPads and they are done.

Kimberly Schmeltz, RN, Director of Operations, Ohioans Home Healthcare

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