Integrated technology, services and solutions for addiction treatment

The need for addiction treatment has never been greater. To meet the regulatory requirements and growing challenge of opioid and other substance use disorders, our treatment solution delivers an integrated approach to recovery, incorporating addiction treatment with mental health, physical health and SDoH. Our solutions address all aspects of addiction treatment for organizations supporting recovery from substance use, opioid use and eating disorders.

Leaders across the U.S., including Rappahannock Area Community Services Board, Recovery Resources, Spectrum Health, Johnson County and Renfrew Center rely on our addiction treatment EHR to help them track data, manage regulatory requirements and integrate care.

Learn how Netsmart continues to advance substance use disorder solution offerings through the acquisition of Netalytics.

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Opioid Treatment Program (OTP)

Netsmart solutions designed to support SAMHSA Opioid Treatment Programs solve the unique challenges of medication-assisted treatment (MAT) programs, so you can focus on the individual’s journey to recovery. Take back lives and tackle the opioid crisis in your community with solutions and services that support whole-person care – allowing easy exchange of data with other providers and organizations.

  • Automated dispensing for both traditional facilities and mobile response units ensures individuals get the right medication at the right time using a SciLog or IVEK Dispensing Pump
  • Automatic inventory updates allow for efficient, reliable prescription tracking, including supply updates and automated ordering
  • Pull real-time, easy-to-read, DEA compliant reports directly from the EHR to demonstrate measurable outcomes for funding, compliance or assistance with accreditation and inspection requirements
  • Simplify complex reimbursement structures by automating payments and seeing claim denials
  • Cut documentation time with artificial intelligence and built-in clinical management tools like progress notes, treatment planning and assessments
  • Effectively monitor and organize patient flow with electronic patient check-in queue

Office-based opioid treatment (OBOT)

Safely prescribe medication for opioid use disorder (MOUD) within your own clinical setting through a single platform and a whole-person view for medication-assisted treatment (MAT).

  • Use ePrescribing to eliminate medication errors and maintain regulatory compliance
  • Supports whole-person care by allowing easy exchange of data with other providers and organizations
  • Ability to view medication lists and history to help monitor recovery and prevent relapse
  • Cut documentation time with artificial intelligence and free up time for providing care
  • Simplify complex reimbursement structures by automating payments and seeing claim denials

Abstinence-based treatment

Netsmart addiction treatment solutions support integrated abstinence-based treatment models to effectively address recovery and prevention.

  • Generate a treatment plan across disciplines that ensures whole-person care and improved outcomes
  • Supports whole-person care by allowing easy exchange of data with other providers and organizations
  • Cut documentation time with artificial intelligence and free up time for providing care
  • Simplify complex reimbursement structures by automating payments and seeing claim denials

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Six things you need in an addiction treatment EHR

Effective addiction management tools should be a critical part of your healthcare technology arsenal. These tools can warn of potential drug misuse and diversion, inform clinical decisions, protect individuals at risk and improve provider workflows. Read more to learn the six must-haves for addiction treatment technology.

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Predictive Analytics

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Clinical Decision Support

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Electronically send accurate, error-free and understandable prescriptions

Netsmart ePrescribing and dispensing allows physicians to leverage technology to issue prescriptions in a secure manner.

  • Enhanced patient safety
  • Decreased medication errors
  • Simplified reporting
  • Increased access to patient medication records
  • Improved pharmacy workflow and collaboration
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Keep individuals engaged in treatment and recovery

Netsmart offers consumer engagement solutions for continued treatment and prevention of relapse. Individuals benefit from digital and mobile resources, personalized to assist with everything from evidence-based psychotherapies to mindfulness to telehealth. Providers can track progress and provide the most effective treatment.

  • On-demand self-help tools
  • Ability for consumers to launch telehealth sessions
  • Secure messaging with care teams
  • Solutions that reduce relapse, increase engagement, extend care, improve outcomes and lower costs

Connect individuals to treatment to reduce recidivism and decrease addiction

Predictive analytics is the hidden gem in EHRs that goes beyond basic automation. When providers can gain a comprehensive, longitudinal view of an individual’s entire health journey, coupled with actionable analytics, they can better spot factors that are often complex and indicative of addiction.

  • Complete view of physical, behavioral and SDoH history
  • Solutions for identifying potential risk factors and warning signs or relapse
  • Targeted prevention views for those at greater risk
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Exchange information with any healthcare provider

The Netsmart addiction treatment EHR allows medical history and medication lists to be shared with any other electronic health record, to ensure that all providers are equipped to spot and treat addiction.

  • Receive discrete data from multiple EHRs, seamlessly integrated into your workflow,
  • Complete longitudinal health records available to all providers
  • Netsmart interoperability framework allows more than 14 million documents to be exchanged by more than 1,250 hospitals, 35,000 clinics and 600,000 providers––within a single month
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Remove barriers to addiction treatment

Individuals impacted by addiction often experience other challenges to receiving healthcare, such as transience and housing instability, lack of childcare and changing job schedules. All of these contribute to missed appointments, ED visits and delays in care.

  • Virtual appointments, scheduled or on demand, for greater appointment flexibility
  • Seamless billing and documentation integrated into workflows
  • Expanded access to MAT protocols
  • Tools for promoting and sustaining consumer and family engagement

Automate clinical workflows for risk prevention

Enhance health-related decisions with the right information to improve care delivery. Netsmart EHRs offer automated workflows that can help detect and prevent substance use. Individual behavior triggers clinical protocols, decreasing risk and reducing administrative burden on staff.

  • Answers to surveys trigger specific clinical and administrative processes
  • Outcome-based alerts disappear when follow-ups or other interventions are scheduled
  • Real-time, automated screening for medication interactions and allergies
  • Data from most recent urinalysis, or lack thereof

Black book survey of Mental and Behavioral Healthcare client experience recognized Netsmart as an industry leader for the 8th consecutive year

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When it comes to managing the opioid crisis and addiction treatment, it is vital to know a person’s complete health history, including behavioral and physical health.

Neal Tilghman, MPA, Senior Director & GM, Addictions Strategist, Netsmart


Families are getting put back together and people are keeping their jobs as a result of this treatment. They are working, have housing and re-entering into society as a contributing member.

Ann DuMond, Information Systems Manager, Credo Community Center


Sauk County clinicians were able to work with substance use providers and clinics across our community in order to assure care coordination and fluent data sharing.

Sharon Boesl, Deputy Director, Sauk County Department of Human Services

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