You are the driving force behind positive change, determined to make a difference and transform lives.

This is what fuels our purpose and passion — to empower providers with one unified platform to deliver high-quality, integrated care.

At Netsmart, we believe providers and organizations need capabilities that extend beyond relying solely on an EHR solution and software. We are dedicated to digitizing your enterprise, helping your organization successfully thrive in today’s healthcare landscape.

By connecting people, technology and care through interoperability, we can help you deliver value-based care both today and tomorrow.

Together, we have the power to redefine care delivery in the communities we collectively serve, creating a lasting impact.

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Fraser + Netsmart
Fraser Selects Netsmart to Optimize CCBHC Programs and Enhance Integrated Care in Minnesota

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Crosswinds + Netsmart
CrossWinds Counseling & Wellness Selects Leading CCBHC Technology Provider Netsmart

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Netsmart Earns 7th Consecutive Achievement as Industry-Leading Behavioral Health Platform

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Post-Acute Care Providers Award Netsmart Top Overall Client-Rated Technology Platform for
9th Consecutive Year

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Netsmart and Richmond Behavioral Health Authority Partnership Expands Growing Footprint in Virginia

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From the CareThreads Blog

One Partner, One Platform: Netsmart Will Integrate with Best-in-Class ABA Technology, RethinkFirst

Monday, July 17 | Thought Leadership,Human Services,Partnerships and Collaboration

Discover the groundbreaking partnership between Netsmart and RethinkFirst that will revolutionize the way IDD and autism providers operate. Simplify clinical documentation, enhance data collection, and improve treatment outcomes with the integrated RethinkBH ABA clinical solution and Netsmart's suite of certified CareRecords™.

The Future of Value-Based Contracting

Navigating Managed Care
A Look at the Future of Value-Based Contracting

Tuesday, June 27 | Care Coordination,EHR Solutions and Operations,Interoperability,Post-Acute Care,Value-based Care

In today's rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, managing the cost of care and improving patient outcomes are crucial priorities. To address these challenges, value-based reimbursement has emerged as a widely embraced approach. This system focuses on optimizing healthcare services while managing expenses. At the core of this strategy lies value-based contracting, a payment model that aims to align provider reimbursement with the outcomes achieved by patients. By incentivizing quality care and efficient resource utilization, value-based contracting promotes a more coordinated and effective healthcare system.


The Can-Do Approach to Value-Based Care

Monday, June 26 | Value-based Care

Is your organization looking to grow? Would you like to improve your operations, financials or strategic planning skills? Kristi Daugherty, CEO of Emergence Health Network, is a leader who turned her organization around using value-based care strategies. She’s shared some tips with us for anyone who’s looking to level up their organizational sustainability.


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