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Improve IRF-PAI accuracy

Monitor important IRF indicators before you submit your data, including each patient’s case-mix group, 60% rule compliance, and expected vs. actual length of stay. Pinpoint problems and make corrections in real time.

Optimize IRF PPS reimbursement

Use the software’s ICD code lookup tool and powerful validation checks to limit the overuse of dashes on quality indicator items, ensure accurate functional assessments, select the correct etiologic diagnosis, identify ICD combination codes, and prioritize your IRF-PAI ICD code list based on optimal tier selection and compliant coding.

Track performance

Compare your severity-adjusted data to regional and national benchmarks from over 900 inpatient rehab facilities. Drill down into patient- and CMG-level data to identify opportunities for improvement.

Analyze potential admissions

Capture key IRF admission criteria, send email alerts to physicians, and monitor signature time frames and compliance with the 60% rule. Optional HL7® interfacing allows you to send real-time data from your hospital admissions software to help track valuable predictive information such as CMG, reimbursement, and compliance on admission.

Monitor QI coding efficiency

Administer credentialing tests, monitor testing progress, evaluate your staff’s rating proficiency, and test new associates. Customize exam templates based on disciplines, credentials, and interdisciplinary team responsibilities.

See why more than 80% of inpatient rehab facilities trust UDSMR/Netsmart’s secure cloud solution for real-time insights.

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