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CareConnect™ is an integration engine that empowers organizations to connect with other providers across all care settings. Using a single point of connection, organizations can achieve true interoperability by connecting to a network of providers, or the ability to share data across local health information exchanges (HIEs) or larger interoperability frameworks such as Carequality

Enabling clinical summaries with historical data to flow easily and securely between EHRs and providers supporting care coordination and integrated care models. Access multiple resources such as pharmacies or prescription drug registries, which is especially important for addiction and substance use treatment providers. CareConnect supports robust consent management workflow to ensure the right data is shared at the right place at the right time.


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  • Incorporates discrete data, including lab results and HIE information, from external sources into the workflow and treatment plans for individuals
  • Accepts both consent to send and consent to query scenarios for HIEs
  • Supports secure direct messaging internally among care team members, as well as externally with large healthcare systems, public health agencies, HIEs and laboratories
  • Ability to participate in the Netsmart referral network


  • Provides one point of access to connect to the larger healthcare ecosystem
  • Eliminates the exchange of paper clinical documentation
  • Supports all federal and state policies and standards for health information exchange (HIE)
  • Reduces costs and improves safety by minimizing redundant or unnecessary treatment during transitions of care


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For CareConnect Carequality

Abstinence-Based Treatment

Our addiction treatment software helps you centralize care delivery, enhance compliance and evaluate individuals during treatment and throughout sustained recovery. 

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Our autism EHR software helps deliver strengths-focused solutions for your specialized programs that serve individuals diagnosed with autism. 

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Behavioral Health

Following an individual’s progress is critical to delivering quality care. We know this, so we'll help you make the most of your resources.

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Child and Family Services

Simplify administrative tasks and coordination of services through our child and family case management software while allowing your staff to document care across settings. 

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Community-based Outpatient Providers

Discover the outpatient management software, solutions and services that help outpatient and community-based providers drive the coordination of care among multiple care settings and manage daily clinical tasks through role-based workflows.

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Home Health Care

Our home healthcare software helps you manage the complexity to connect to the rest of healthcare, automate time-consuming processes, and improve communication with your care team in one simple-to-use solution. 


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Our hospice software helps you provide high-quality care and support to the whole person with an easy interdisciplinary care team tool. Help patients get their care faster and understand their options as they present themselves today. 


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Inpatient Psychiatric Facilities

From intake to discharge to after care, our inpatient EHR technology gives you access to the information you need to ensure smooth transitions and deliver whole-person care.

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Integrated Care

Our integrated care systems promote whole-person care by making it easy to coordinate with Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) and process claims efficiently through Medicare and Medicaid.

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Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Our I/DD case management software is designed for person-centered care, empowering you to enrich the lives of those with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

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Life Plan Communities

Our CCRC software is optimized specifically for life plan community workflows. It supports advanced connectivity to bridge gaps in information, so you can create a single, integrated resident record across all senior living care settings, including home care, hospice, skilled nursing, assisted living, independent living, memory care and adult day care.

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Medication-Assisted Treatment

Our medication-assisted treatment software will help you centralize care delivery, so you can help individuals on their road to recovery.

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Palliative Care

Our ONC-certified palliative care software helps you optimize quality of life by anticipating, preventing and treating patients throughout the continuum of illness.  We reduce manual tasks and paperwork while facilitating patient autonomy, access to information, and choice. 

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Our pediatric care tools provide a single clinical record to simplify documentation, help manage claims, schedule your care team and connect with the rest of healthcare. Netsmart works to provide efficiencies and easy workflows, so you can do what you do best.  

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Private Duty

Our private duty software offers forms-based, clinical point-of-care system that works on any web-enabled device and provides the flexibility to manage private care in a home setting. 

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Public Health

Our integrated, web-based public health software advances your public health goals. We help the state and local health community connect to the larger care community through innovative solutions that allow you to focus on delivering integrated whole-person care state-wide and county-wide. 

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Senior Living Communities

Our long-term care software is optimized specifically to help you coordinate and manage care, connect with partners in the community, and manage populations to watch for risk among individuals in your senior living communities. 

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Skilled Nursing Facilities

Our skilled nursing software helps you fill gaps in patient information to streamline the pre-admission process, increase the accuracy of initial assessments and simplify compliance with CMS requirements.

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State and County

Our technology solutions and services support the full range of programs offered by state and county health and human services organizations. The result: better outcomes and improved operational, clinical and financial performances.

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Care Coordination

Our care coordination software solutions support true, person-centered care, so you can track services and treatments for individuals across care settings, reduce duplicate services and simplify care transitions with secure data exchange.

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Connectivity and Integration

Technology that supports interoperability allows healthcare providers to embrace the power of networks, so individuals can receive the best, most cost-effective care possible.

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Telehealth Virtual Network

Our telehealth software creates a virtual connected healthcare community that allows organizations to collaborate across a network of more than 200 million consumers, 600,000 providers and more than 25,000 organizations.           

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"We look for ways to use data to drive clinical decision support at the point of care."
Wesley Williams - CIO, Mental Health Center of Denver