Boost business performance with healthcare IT strategy and advisory services

IT Strategy and Advisory Services

Boost your business to the next level with one of our top-notch virtual chief information officers (vCIOs). Unlike other healthcare IT consultants, this trusted advisor looks at your organization holistically and helps you develop and execute strategic IT plans that will increase efficiencies and support agency growth.


Our team of vCIOs includes healthcare IT experts who understand your business and can identify where people, process and technology can be leveraged to support better care. Cost-effectively gain access to IT experts who have worked with hundreds of healthcare organizations and understand service delivery from intake to discharge, billing and beyond.


With a Netsmart vCIO, you can be confident your technology strategy is aligned with all aspects of your business.



Scope of services

  • Monthly, quarterly or annual usage of vCIO services
  • Development and management of multi-year IT strategy, budget and execution plans
  • Oversight and management of all IT service delivery functions
  • Establishment of KPIs, metrics and measurements to ensure quality
  • Consultation on strategic programs, investments and compliance
  • Simplified procurement of other technology solutions with streamlined quote process and billing


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