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myAvatarAM is an integrated, electronic health record (EHR) designed to meet the clinical needs of organizations providing medication assisted treatment (MAT) programs. Addiction management tools, such as electronic ordering, e-Prescribing and dispensing of multiple medications—automatic inventory updates, consumer enrollment and tracking—simplify reporting and enhance client safety. As a result, organizations can focus on providing care and improving outcomes.




  • Addresses care transitions and long-term care needs through person-centered planning
  • Aggregates data to identify trends and presents health and treatment outcomes for analytics-driven decision making
  • Integrates with multiple disparate systems to eliminate double entry of clinical data
  • Reduces costs with timely transitions
  • Highlights potential gaps in care, critical issues and social determinants of health


  • Prioritizes activities and care through a configurable rule’s engine with a dashboard view of high-risk individuals
  • Access to performance measures and data in real-time, saving time and improving outcomes
  • Integrates alerts and tasks into the care team’s workflow
  • Manages consumer assignments across agencies and teams
  • Supports a closed-loop referral process, ensuring referred care takes place
  • Coordinates care across providers and community resources


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"Families are getting put back together and people are keeping their jobs as a result of this treatment. They are working, have housing and re-entering into society as a contributing member."
Ann Dumond - Information Systems Manager, Credo