• Post-Acute, Hospice
  • Catholic Health Services of Archdiocese of Miami
  • Florida
  • Reduction in cash collections leading to ever-growing aged AR
  • Staffing challenges, particularly with commercial billing and AR follow-up
  • Workflow inefficiencies with internal billing team
  • Lacked RCM best practices
  • Needed additional exposure to billing-related processes within myUnity beyond implementation
  • Netsmart RCM Coaching (August 16, 2022 – July 28, 2023) + Cash Acceleration Engagement (December 14, 2022 – August 15, 2023)
  • Exceeded RCM collectability estimates by 150%
  • Aged AR reduction of $3.7M
  • Ensured that required process adjustments were addressed

Enhancing Cash Collections and Billing Efficiency

Catholic Health Services of the Archdiocese of Miami is a leading healthcare provider in South Florida. They deliver a full continuum of specialized services: medical rehabilitation, skilled nursing, assisted living, home healthcare, palliative and hospice services for Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

The Objective

Catholic Hospice was looking for help with a reduction in cash collections which led to an ever-growing aged AR. They were also working through some staffing challenges when it came to commercial billing and AR follow-up. They turned to Netsmart to learn some best practices for RCM and to get more exposure to billing-related processes within myUnity beyond implementation.

The Solution

Catholic Hospice turned to Netsmart RCM Coaching and then added Cash Acceleration Engagement nearly four months later. The coaching helped improve client success and comfortability with cash posting, NOE and other billing reconciliation methodologies. The partnership also refined Catholic Hospice’s internal workflow while adjusting the roles and responsibilities of billers.

•  Comprehensive SOP highlighting best practices and biller responsibilities
•  Improved note-writing time by 49%
•  Training support provided for new cash poster 

The Catholic Hospice Team have significantly benefited from the ongoing ‘hands on approach’ to Netsmart’s coaching and education engagement. Our team’s overall improvement in cash collections, productivity and efficiency are a direct result of this teamwork approach.

Stu Schiffman, VP of Revenue Management, Catholic Hospice


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