McBee provides financial, clinical and operational strategic advisory consulting solutions and services that address the needs of more than 3,800 providers across the healthcare industry. Health systemshome healthhospiceskilled nursing and other healthcare organizations across the nation look to McBee to guide and support them through the challenges they encounter. McBee equips you with the right resources and sustainable strategies to adapt, innovate, and thrive as you help to lead the future of community-based care.

McBee is committed to helping healthcare organizations manage change, enhance financial results, and improve clinical outcomes. Through industry leading solutions, McBee equips providers with the right resources and sustainable strategies to adapt, innovate, and thrive to help lead the future of community-based care.

McBee Services

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Employ expert techniques to refine current revenue cycle processes, collect on claims and keep cash flowing to your organization.

  • Optimize operational, billing, & collections processes
  • Knowledge of reimbursement & billing systems
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    McBee Coding & Documentation improvement

    Address inaccuracies in coding and clinical documentation to optimize reimbursement and improve clinical outcomes.

  • Detailed reports to track improvement
  • Target focus areas with staff education
  • Rigid quality assurance process
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    McBee Clinical

    Provide solutions for visit utilization and care planning so that providers can focus on what really matters – providing quality, patient-centered care.

  • Analytics reporting
  • Clinical team with 20+ years in care management
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    McBee Compliance

    Recommend solutions that address current risk in all phases of operations and prevent more severe audits down the line.

  • Adhere to federal & state healthcare regulations
  • Engrain compliance into culture
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    McBee Regulatory

    Pinpoint areas of opportunity as well as challenges, allowing you to adjust care delivery, staffing, billing and operational processes.

  • Adapt to regulatory updates
  • Optimize current operations
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    McBee Strategic

    Bring the “big picture” into focus for your organization and develop strategies to support your goals.

  • Change management strategies
  • Deliverables for each phase
  • Develop milestones and goals
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