Redefining nutrition and food service management

Nutrition Management

Reduce food costs and improve nutrition with solutions designed for the communities you serve. Netsmart has the right solution to scale to the needs of your organizations, whether you manage senior living facility dining services or an inpatient psychiatric hospital.

Our nutrition management solutions encompass all aspects of food service: operations, production, nutrition care and retail. From inventory management and menu planning to patient safety and nutrition care, departments can realize the cost-saving and risk-reduction benefits of automation at every point of the process.


Nutritio Management Graphic


A comprehensive healthcare food service platform that reduces food waste and increases patient safety.


  • Resident-specific tracking of nutritional needs
  • Dynamic calculations for recipe conversions and associated costs
  • Robust analytics to track inventory and contracted purchasing
  • Ability to create menus from pantry items on hand


  • Track patient nutritional needs from admission to discharge
  • Reduce food waste and overall costs
  • Accurately forecast and budget
  • Improve operations and inventory management

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