Supporting person-directed services

CarePOV Behavior Tracking

CarePOV™ Behavior Tracking is a mobile application specifically designed for tracking applied behavior metrics at the point of care, while supporting community-based staff in behavioral service communities.

Through a tablet or mobile device, data and session notes are captured, stored and automatically synchronized to the individual’s electronic health record (EHR), thereby creating a complete view of the individual’s care history. CarePOV integrates with the Netsmart EHR to support population health, care coordination and interoperability. 



  • Promotes staff productivity through schedule management
  • Enables informed decision making with real-time progress measurement
  • Speeds up claim creation by automatically syncing information into the EHR


  • Provides secure access to an individuals’ health data
  • Supports multiple data tracking formats, including trial, interval recording, task analysis and duration/frequency sampling
  • Provides interactive appointments on staff calendar
  • Offers a graphical display of behavioral tracking results


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