Extend settings and expand services with virtual care technology

Virtual Care

With virtual care solutions from Netsmart, organizations can expand where and how they provide care, as well as the range of services they offer. Our telemedicine technology supports videoconferencing in real time between patients and providers, extending availability of staff and high-demand specialists. Digital healthcare services support remote monitoring to capture alerts and patient data, which can be integrated into the electronic health record (EHR). Apps and other mobile health solutions provide information to patients and engage them in their own care.




  • Supports secure, real-time videoconferencing between patients and providers
  • Allows remote monitoring and capture of patient data
  • Integrates data with the EHR to provide up-to-date information
  • Engages patients in their own with care mobile apps


  • Lowers the cost of providing care
  • Expands the availability of staff and high-demand providers
  • Allows organization to expand services without adding overhead
  • Increases consumer satisfaction and improves outcomes by enhancing communication between staff and patients

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