Skilled application support for all of your healthcare technology solutions

Application Management Services

Eliminate the ongoing need to hire, train and retain scarce technology talent with our application management services. Gain access to a virtual team of application specialists with unique clinical and billing knowledge of Netsmart electronic health records (EHRs), reporting solutions and more. Beyond Netsmart solutions, we also support other EHRs and additional applications (database, web, Microsoft®, etc.).

Get skilled expertise to help support your team and maximize your EHR investment where you need it most. Our flexible portfolio gives you the right technology talent and solution alignment to support the care you provide.



Key benefits

  • Consistent capacity to handle configuration changes, report and forms development and program expansion of EHR solution
  • Reduces risk of attrition for high-demand skill sets
  • Eliminates need for continual investment in training of application support staff

Scope of services

  • Flexible application support to meet the needs of your organization
  • Knowledgeable, U.S.-based team of EHR specialists highly experienced in EHR optimization
  • Assigned team lead to manage service requests, budget, timelines and service delivery
  • Release management and testing services to include evaluation, coordination, testing and production implementation of system revisions
  • Advanced data support for EHR data and analytic mapping, reporting, population health management and other healthcare-related data projects
  • Flexible and custom training services for end users and/or system administrators that address scheduling needs, learning styles and workflows unique to the organization



For Application Management Services

“Our Netsmart adviser not only had expertise with the EHR, but she also understood foster care; with Netsmart, we gained a team of licensing, administrative, billing and technology specialists to help us improve the way we operate across the entire organization.”
Brenda Chapin - Villages of Indiana