Drive safety and regulatory compliance with automated medication dispensing and supply management solutions

BD Pyxis MedBank Medication and Supply Management Solutions

Improve access to medications and increase safety with flexible medication management solutions.

Drive efficiencies, safety, better care and regulatory compliance throughout the medication management process with BD Pyxis Medbank solutions. The compact design of the automated dispensing solutions from BD Pyxis MedBank manage both controlled substances and supplies in one footprint to streamline clinical workflow.

BD Pyxis MedBank cabinets are adjustable providing flexibility for formulary changes without having to swap drawers or reconfigure. A key feature of the solution is the next-generation Smart CUBIE™ technology. The programmable, tamper-evident pockets allow for not only secure administration to the patient but also support secure transport and restock verification of medications between servicing pharmacies and facilities.


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  • HIPAA-compliant and HITRUST-certified solutions
  • Simplified acquisition, deployment and support through Netsmart partnership
  • Supports single-item access to narcotics and other controlled substances
  • Integration with Netsmart solutions and supply chain partners


  • Leverages configurable CUBIE drawer system for maximum security and storage capacity
  • Business intelligence platform with advanced analytics
  • Scalable cloud-based architecture
  • Compact overall footprint that maximizes space and capacity

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