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CarePOV Medical Note for Psychiatry

CarePOV™ Medical Note for Psychiatry is an evaluation and management tool that supports comprehensive workflows and enables complete documentation of psychiatric care. It offers the correct Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) codes based on documentation, preventing under and up-coding.

The solution uses the myAvatar electronic health record (EHR) to provide a full view of an individual’s health information, which assists clinical decision making and care outcomes. Medical Note for Psychiatry incorporates a user-friendly interface that works to increase clinician efficiency and medication management.


Solution Overview

CarePOV Medical Note Psychiatry



  • Performs complex CPT code calculations, recommendations and supports add-on codes, such as psychotherapy
  • Supports multiple data tracking formats, including trial, interval recording, task analysis and duration/frequency sampling
  • Integrates an individual’s lab results, vitals and medication history to provide a clear picture of what care is necessary


  • Supports psychiatric documentation, diagnostic evaluations and evolution and management services to derive the correct CPT code
  • Ensures CPT codes are substantiated by the information documented in the note
  • Reduces fines due to up-coding and revenue loss due to under-coding by performing complex CPT calculations for providers

For Medical Note for Psychiatry