Behavioral health EHR designed for public sector

Public Sector Behavioral Health

With an increase in people seeking services, constant regulatory changes and a decrease in resources, delivering quality care to everyone who needs it becomes challenging. We are dedicated to developing solutions that help public sector agencies make the most of shrinking budgets and resources, so you can improve the health of your community.

Your agency is in high demand with limited access to resources. That’s why it’s crucial to connect with other providers no matter the setting. It’s why public sector leaders in behavioral health across the U.S., such as Missouri Behavioral Health Council and Los Angeles County, rely on us to help them integrate care.

With more than 50 years of experience building behavioral health EHR platforms, our team can help you overcome challenges and improve delivery of care.

Our public sector behavioral health solutions integrate care by driving collaboration between multiple settings, including hospitals, jails and corrections facilities. Our EHR platform allows you to efficiently track clinical measures and prove outcomes.

The future of healthcare will be built on the delivery of integrated care with value wrapped in. We have a head start, because we’ve already developed the technology and tools to make integrated, value-based care a reality. In fact, many of our clients are doing today what experts implore must happen tomorrow.

Advocating for those who don’t always have a voice is in our DNA. As a founding member and the only technology company in the Behavioral Health Information Technology Coalition (BHIT), we are dedicated to advancing public policy that improves the lives of those with mental health and substance use disorders.


Behavioral Health Community Overview

Psychiatry & Behavioral Health Learning Network

One Person | One View | Better Care

What if providers could have one integrated view of a consumer at their fingertips, giving them the information they need to make critical decisions at the point of care? Join Neal Tilghman, MPA, General Manager of Behavioral Health at Netsmart for a Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Learning Network webinar to learn about the vision-turned-reality of "One Person | One View | Better Care".

For Behavioral Health

Application Management Services

Eliminate the ongoing need to hire, train and retain scarce technology talent.

  • Capacity to handle EHR configuration and expansion
  • Eliminates need for continual investment in training of application support staff
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Billing and Collection Services

Flexible skilled billing expertise and services when you need it.

  • Helps ensure consistent cash flow
  • Provides the ability to quickly scale as your business grows
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Business Intelligence

The Netsmart business intelligence solution offers dashboards that organize and present healthcare data in a way that is easy to read and share.

  • User-friendly interface and features do not require programming skills
  • Simplifies data discovery for key decision-makers
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An integration engine that empowers organizations to connect with providers across all care settings.

  • Provides one point of access to connect to the larger healthcare ecosystem
  • Reduces costs and improves safety by minimizing redundant or unnecessary treatment during transitions of care
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CareConnect™ Inbox

Provides Direct Secure Messaging within your organization as well as the larger healthcare ecosystem

  • Easily and safely share data with other providers, eliminating the redundancy of diagnostic testing
  • Simplify communication among care team members and improve staff efficiency 
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Person-centered platform providing care coordination, interoperability, analytics, outcomes and risk stratification.

  • Addresses care transitions and long-term care needs through person-centered planning
  • Highlights potential gaps in care, critical issues and social determinants of health
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CarePOV™ Behavior Tracking

A mobile application specifically designed to track behaviors at the point of care, while supporting community-based staff in behavioral service communities.

  • Promotes staff productivity through schedule management
  • Enables informed decision making with real-time progress measurement
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CarePOV™ Clinician

A mobile solution that provides access to client records at the point of care with or without internet connectivity, making care possible anytime, anywhere.

  • Fast implementation delivers significant value to your organization with minimal effort
  • Improves security by encrypting data and eliminating the need to transport paper charts and files
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CarePOV™ Observer

A mobile application that simplifies the observation process by giving providers the ability to capture and send Q15 notes directly to the client’s chart electronically.

  • Collect observation data from a drop-down menu
  • Quickly access caseloads
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Claims Adjudication

A web-based solution for state agencies and MCOs that integrates with EHRs and EVV applications to automate claims adjudication and claims error processing.

  • Business rules engine to pre-screen
  • Provides financial insights through reconciliation of claims status
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Clearinghouse & Third-Party Liability

RevConnect Clearinghouse is a comprehensive, configurable claims submission and remittance management platform that increases first-pass acceptance rates (98 percent or greater), speeds delivery to payers and reduces denials.

  • Eligibility checking is integrated with claims processing and flags any issues
  • Delivers, fast, clear correction guidance to the user
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Clinical Quality Measures

The clinical quality measures solution is a web-based application that makes monitoring quality measures simple and easy, giving users a real-time review of value-based reimbursement reporting.

  • Eliminates the need for complex calculations for measures reporting, allowing the organization to focus resources on maximizing results
  • Provides insights into a clinician’s caseload, allowing performance reviews from an outcomes management perspective
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Credentialing and provider enrollment are critical to ensuring claims are not denied because practitioners aren’t enrolled with a payer

  • Comprehensively manage all group and individual provider enrollment
  • Reduce administrative costs for maintaining credentials
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Document Management

EHR-integrated document management and capture solutions give care teams access to documents from within the familiar context of their EHR.

  • Role-based document security supports patient privacy requirements for document imaging
  • Improves clinical decision-making with relevant, actionable information readily available at the point of care
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Eligibility Management

Eligibility management solutions increase billing accuracy by verifying coverage for the population you serve.

  • Batch verification and real-time eligibility via clearinghouse solution
  • Coverage discovery that identifies primary, secondary and tertiary coverage, including active government and commercial insurance coverage
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Health Status Monitoring

Wellness monitoring solution uses self-reported consumer information to give care teams insights and a longitudinal view into the health and wellness of consumers in their care.

  • Supports consumer engagement and wellness through self-reported health indicators
  • Offers timely insights into the health status of individuals, enabling proactive clinical decisions
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Securely exchange health information with thousands of other providers through a single point of connection.

  • Direct integration puts clinical data into the EHR without additional manipulation or manual entry
  • Data is available at the point of care as part of clinical workflows
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IT Strategy and Advisory Services

Boost your business to the next level with one of our top-notch virtual chief information officers (vCIOs).

  • Oversight and management of all IT service delivery functions
  • Monthly, quarterly or annual usage of vCIO services
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KPI Dashboards™

Flexible, interactive data visualizations to help you gauge and quantify your organization’s success.

  • Simplifies data discovery so you get answers faster
  • Customizable performance tracking and clinical assessment data
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Managed Care Organizations (MCOs)

Simplify managing prior authorizations and claims submissions

  • Web-based solution integrates with 100+ EHRs and EVV apps
  • Supports verification of regulatory compliance and prior authorizations
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Improve access to medications and increase safety with flexible medication management solutions.

  • Compact footprint that maximizes space and capacity
  • Programmable CUBIE high security, tamper evident pockets
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Simplify monitoring compliance with state regulations, prior authorizations and claims submissions

  • Reduces manual reporting
  • Shows which claims match and which need additional information prior to payment
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CarePOV™ Medical Note for Psychiatry

An evaluation and management tool that supports comprehensive workflows and enables complete documentation of psychiatric care.

  • Captures clinical quality measures
  • Integrates an individual’s lab results, vitals and medication history to provide a clear picture of what care is necessary
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CarePOV™ Medical Note for Primary Care

Supports primary care physicians, physician assistants or nurse practitioners who perform standard evolution and management (E/M) visits and wellness visits.

  • Comprehensive view of individual information improves medication management
  • Provides a user-friendly interface to increase clinician efficiency and reduce the need for multiple forms
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Mobile Dispatch

Mobile dispatch simplifies route planning and helps caregivers respond to requests more quickly.

  • Simplifies scheduling and saves time for administrators coordinating visits
  • Optimizes visit assignments, allowing caregivers to see more patients
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myAvatarAM is an integrated, web-based electronic health record (EHR) designed to meet the clinical needs of organizations providing medication-assisted treatment (MAT) programs.

  • Provides real-time analytics and reporting
  • Supports flexible, value-based reimbursements
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myAvatar MSO

MSO leverages myAvatar to provide a comprehensive experience for authorizing and paying providers.

  • Reduces administrative costs and overpayments to contracting providers
  • Supports both electronic data interchange (EDI) and manual processes
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myEvolv is an electronic health record (EHR) with comprehensive clinical, financial and operational features for community health centers and agencies for child, family and social services.

  • Support for person-centered care in a range of settings
  • Case coordination across programs, providers and communities
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myEvolv® Essentials

myEvolv Essentials combines software expertise and industry knowledge to deliver a comprehensive EHR fit for providers looking to succeed in a value-based care market.

  • Built on a scalable platform to adapt as your organization grows and offers new programs
  • Supports integrated, whole-person care allowing organizations to collaborate with other providers
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myEvolvAM is an integrated, web-based electronic health record (EHR) designed to meet the clinical needs of organizations providing medication-assisted treatment (MAT) programs.

  • Automates medication dispensing rates faster than industry standards
  • Helps organizations maintain compliance with regulatory entities
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myHealthPointe™ Consumer Portal

Supports consumer-driven care by connecting individuals to their treatment through a user-friendly, secure solution.

  • Provide quick, convenient and secure messaging that drives improved responsiveness to an individual’s needs
  • Illustrates consumer’s health and behavior outcomes over time with a longitudinal view of their health and wellness
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A web-based EHR specifically designed for Public Health organizations to optimize clinical, operational and financial success.

  • Real-time access to individuals’ records, from the office or the field
  • Confidentiality set at agency, program and encounter level
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myPOV™ Vitals

A mobile application that simplifies the process of capturing, validating and sending vitals electronically.

  • View vitals history for up to three months in the app
  • Easily view outliers
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Nutrition Management

A comprehensive healthcare food service platform that reduces food waste and increases patient safety.

  • Track patient nutritional needs from admission to discharge
  • Reduce food waste and overall costs
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An electronic prescribing and medication management tool that allows providers to fully prescribe, review and order medication and tests electronically.

  • Helps increase medication adherence and prevent adverse medication events
  • Reduces time spent communicating with pharmacies
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PaaS (Platform as a Service)

Let Netsmart manage your software solutions in a secure healthcare cloud, so you can concentrate on what matters most – delivering care.

  • Cost predictability and overall peace of mind
  • More time for your IT staff to focus on business needs
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Payment portal

Netsmart payment solution makes it easy for clients to set up and manage self-serve payments, payment plans, electronic statement delivery and payment preferences.

  • An easy way for clients to set up and manage self-serve payments, payment plans, electronic statement delivery and payment preferences
  • Reduce customer service inquiries with an intuitive and easy-to-use self-serve option
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Private Insurance

Simplify managing prior authorizations and claims submissions:

  • Reduces manual reporting
  • Allows commercial health plans to manage usage of prior authorizations and improve outcomes
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CarePathways™ Measures Reporting

A web-based platform that has the capability to generate quality measures using the data already inside of the electronic health record (EHR) to automate reporting requirements.

  • Web-based, real-time measures calculation platform
  • Integrated workflows for data captures with the EHR
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Reaching Recovery™

Recovery focused outcome tools to promote consumer engagement among adults seeking recovery from a mental illness.

  • Tracks social determinants of health and key environmental factors that correspond to recovery
  • Works as a standalone web application for any organization or agency nationwide
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Manage your electronic claims and increase your clean claim submission rate with one easy-to-use tool.

  • Increased clean claim submission
  • Faster claim adjudication
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Secure Messaging

Secure communication solution integrates directly with your EHR to allow real-time internal and external messaging among care team members and support integrated care.

  • Provides HIPAA-compliant, real-time, mobile communication among caregivers
  • Improves workflow through secure communication with the EHR, mobile devices and desktops
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Senior Living

Netsmart senior living management software includes a long-term care EHR that bridges gaps in information and supports advanced connectivity to eliminate communication barriers and improve outcomes.

  • Long-term care EHR offers advanced connectivity
  • Integrated features support value-based care initiatives for skilled nursing facilities, CCRCs and assisted living facilities
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Securely exchange health information with thousands of other providers through a single point of connection.

  • Direct integration puts clinical data into the EHR without additional manipulation or manual entry
  • Data is available at the point of care as part of clinical workflows
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Telehealth provides consumers with an unprecedented level of access to real-time quality care across multiple provider specialties.

  • Removes geographic barriers that can prevent individuals from receiving appropriate treatment
  • Increases provider coverage area by allowing care to be given and received anywhere
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Utilization Management

Utilization management from Netsmart automates prior authorizations and allows state agencies and managed care organizations (MCOs) to monitor delivery of Medicare and Medicaid services.

  • Aggregates provider data into an easy-to-use dashboard
  • Helps reduce costs by highlighting suspected waste, fraud and abuse
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Virtual Care

  • Lowers the cost of providing care
  • Expands the availability of staff and high-demand providers
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Wound Care

A comprehensive skin and wound care management solution helps your team capture superior wound documentation and gain insights from patient population statistics and trends.

  • Provides care teams the ability to remotely monitor wounds
  • Reduces litigation risk by providing consistent clinical documentation and healing over time analytics
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"Sauk County clinicians were able to work with substance use providers and clinics across our community in order to assure care coordination and fluent data sharing."
Sharon Boesl - Deputy Director of Sauk County Department of Human Services

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"Sauk County clinicians were able to work with substance use providers and clinics across our community in order to assure care coordination and fluent data sharing."
Sharon Boesl - Deputy Director of Sauk County Department of Human Services

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